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Amazing, 100% recommend!

Super easy install and super easy to adjust, recommend getting custom spring rates for the perfect setup whatever thay may be. They can if you know know what spring rate to choose. Rides absolutely amazing in my 1997 Jzx100.

180 Thermo

Delivered with no problems. Works Awesome so far!!! Zero complaints!!!

Great product

Extremely well built, not your typical junk found nowadays. I hope it performs on the same level when all is said and done.

SERIALNINE - CD999 Technical Shifter
Andrew Valencia (Moreno Valley, CA, US)

Feels so nice can’t leave it alone lol

SERIALNINE - CD999 Technical Shifter
Jude Dobry (Caledonia, MI, US)
Great Product

I heard this was the best shifter for the money on this transmission so I went ahead and got it. I heard right cause this thing feels awesome! I did have to adjust it slightly to get it to fit and make all of the gears work, but I expected that. Definitely buy this shifter for your project.

JOSEPH ALLEN (Garden Grove, CA, US)
Excellent quality and fitment!

Purchased these angle adapters from recommendations of other E46 drifters and I am very pleased with the results. I purchased a different angle kit previously and the fitment and quality was no where near as good as these. Install was easy and really helped with the increased angle available. Would highly recommend this kit when building your drift car.

Worked great!

Fits great on my s15, ran into no issues


Great product


I didn’t tried it yet but it’s in advance perfect condition , no damage thank you

Amazing product

At first I though the price was a little steep but after getting it installed it is worth every penny. I will add to make sure you order the correct size, 19mm or 22mm. I ordered a 19mm and mine is actually a 22, my mistake and it works well but would be better if I had the correct one.

SLG - F8X Dual Caliper Kit
Umberto Di Cicco (Melbourne, VIC, AU)
awesome product

well made and fitment is perfect


Bought this for my 2022 wrx and I absolutely love it. Good quality materials and I love the feel of it. The very top gets hot when parked in the sun. However, the carbon parts stay cool enough to the touch even in the texas sun.

Mitchell hall (South Daytona, FL, US)

Seats are very nice thanks to Joel for letting me come there to try the seats out 1st great team great products and great service couldn’t ask for better !!!!


Super fast delivery an great customer service! Will be coming back for future purchases


Really good part I just wish they had a option of no nuts welded to them to make it easier to get it for if your welding it to the car but really good part

NRG - PRISMA SEAT (Purple Alcantara)
VEGAS Wilson (Highland, IN, US)
great quality, fast shipping!

Insane quality, great price, and arrived in a few days

SLG - BMW Axle Spacers
P.D.C. (Mission, BC, CA)
Must need for lowered e36 chassis

Stoked on having these, really saves the life of my axles now that the car is lowered. Keeps them from being extended out. Really happy with the product, super easy to install and would highly recommend buying them for your e36!!

Not bad

This product is exactly what it looks like. It seems like there are a couple options of direction or setup , pre-purchase. Once in hand there are a many more configurations that this simple bracket can be used (modifications maybe needed) . I do not have a Gk setup, and I managed to get everything to “fit”.

Seems solid

Easy to install. The video provided is a great representation of the procedure. The overall FDF product is rough around the edges.


Great products. Used an block of wood an a hammer an they went right in

1st, Bang! 2nd

Shifter is a great height for minimal movement from wheel to shifter. Shifts clean and took out tons of slop from the factory shifter. Worth it!

Great fit on my bmw e36 sedan

Only downside is the adjustment is right above exhaust but very good quality and beefy part

Works very well but requires creativity and patience

The shifter definitely works as advertised. The throw distance has indeed been significantly reduced. My truck now almost shifts like a car. The handling and feel of the vehicle has definitely changed for the better. These are all positives. Now for the negatives.

The negatives: It was not a direct bolt on to my AR5 box. First off I had to saw off two brackets that were preventing the square shifter base from mating directly to the surface of my AR5. The brackets already come installed on the AR5 box as well, so there was no need to add extra brackets on to this short shifter. This was the first challenge.

The second challenge was that upon installation, the shifter was too low and forward placed for my liking.

Infact, If I was to drive the car I would have had to not only lower my seat but also moved it forward, unrealistically close to the pedals and steering wheel. This was therefore not feasible for me. So I had to improvise.

I had to get myself extra metal brackets and create a quasi-remote shifter, so as to have the shifter suit the driver's position in my truck.

One another thing I noticed is that the shifter cup ball, springs and other rubbing surfaces in the shifter assembly base are not lubricated. So they'd make a lot of squeaky and metallic rattle noised when cruising as a result of vibration from the drive train. Again for this I had to inject grease in the assembly.

Additionally, there needs to be a smaller rubber boot installed at the base of the shifter stick, so as to prevent dust and contaminants from finding their way in their.

All in all still a good product and has changed the car's handling. Faster take-offs, better downshifting and revmatching, better acceleration. Car no longer loses revs or momentun between gear transfers.

While it's good. Beware that it requires work to install. You need to be handy with tools and have some patience along with a creative mindset. Well that's how it was for me. I had to keep installing, then test drive multiple times until I got it to work per my needs.

Unfortunately I got so carried our way in the install process, that I forgot to attach pictures. My apologies for that, to anyone reading this.

Attached is a picture of my truck though. It's a compact truck compared to the ones in America. Mine is a Holden Colorado RC, 3.6l V6. The body shape is similar to the older GMC canyons. I'm in Australia by the way.

Steven Eaton (London, ON, CA)
Best value on the market

Angle from this kit is massive and even driving around a parking lot is a better experience than generic angle blocks. Huge upgrade compared to cheaper knuckle adapters for e46 (pictured with 4mm rack extender)

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