Upgrade from Single to Dual Brake Calipers for Better Control While Drifting

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If you are a drifting enthusiast and still using the stock e-brake setup on your car with the single caliper, you are surely missing out on something really amazing. By upgrading to dual brake calipers, you can significantly improve your drifting experience. Dual brake calipers give you more braking power and also allow you to use a hydraulic e-brake for drifting. When you pull on the hydro e-brake, it locks up the rear tires, which gives you more control over your car while you are drifting. The stock e-brake set up in the car is generally cable-operated and you really have to yank it hard, and multiple times in order to get it to do anything. And even then, it's not really a reliable way to get the rear brakes to lock up. Using two brake calipers and a hydraulic e-brake is going to help you excel in drifting. You can easily install a dual brake caliper in your car that you use for drifting by using the right tools. You can also get a dual rear brake caliper kit for the necessary tools required for installation.

Dual Caliper Brackets

Dual caliper brackets carry a great significance in the installation of two brake calipers. In fact, they are the components that make the installation possible. The stock caliper bracket on a regular e-brake setup has one spot to mount the caliper, and the rest of the bracket is for mounting the dust shield. Dual caliper brackets remove the dust shield and allow two calipers to be mounted on one hub. Because dual caliper brackets are different for different makes and models, to find the right adapter brackets for your car model, just do a quick search online. However, it’s not necessarily true that one bracket will not work with a different model. Before buying a dual caliper bracket, do check the details and technical specifications to ensure that the make is suitable for your car model.

A Few Tips for Dual Brake Caliper Installation

1. When you are mounting the caliper, make sure that the bleeder valve is at the top and not at the bottom of the caliper. To bleed the air out of the caliper, the air bubbles need to float up to the top.
2. If you don't want to do a hydro e-brake, and want both the calipers connected to the stock brake system, you can get yourself a “T-adapter”. It will allow you to connect the calipers to the stock brake.

350Z Dual Rear Brake Caliper Kit for Nissan 350Z

Are you looking to install dual brake calipers on your Nissan 350Z? The Nissan 350Z dual rear brake caliper kit comes with every important tool you require for a quick and easy installation, including brackets, brake rotors, pads, and brake line. Get your hands on the kit today!


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