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Sup peeps.

As always nothing goes as planned and I’m still running with this half-assed website. If you guys remember, I had a hissy fit over my work getting taken with no credit. Since then I have removed access to most areas on the site and also slowed down my posts on social media. It has helped tremendously in that regard but not feeling free to post all my stuff is no fun.

I tested an idea with the recent ASM post and so far it seems to have worked well. No one was able to grab any high res files, which resulted in nothing but screen-shot reposts; tbh they looked really bad once they got to the gram. Why would I want my work out there looking bad? I don’t, but since theres such a high rate of fraud I rather ppl come to me for direct links or hit the site to view them.

I’ll give more details on all that at some point, just know, I don’t have any plans on stopping with the site. With that being said last weekend, April 6th, to be exact, the DriftHQ crew threw another event at Immokalee Regional Raceway. I think I took the largest set of photos I have ever shot in one day. I plan on releasing that set with a write-up also, but it’s going to take to the end of the week for me to have it ready. A lot of anxious drivers are waiting for shots. I have to deliver.


The real reason for this post is to show you all the shoot I did with Alex Schlagel’s FD Pro 2 Drift Car. The best part is, this shoot was completely unplanned. At every drift event I try to do some sort of photo shoot. The sunsets out at Immokalee are always amazing. The course is in the middle of an airstrip so there are very few distractions that reach into the sky. Add the wide open asphalt area for the dragstrip run-off and it is the perfect setup for a shoot. I walked the pits looking for someone who could quickly drive over to shoot. Everyone was done for the day, pits were wild with ppl packing up and getting ready for a long drive. As I made my way to the end I saw Alex’s car posted up. It was literally the last car in the pits, but, it was the cleanest of all and it was the least I could do after busting an axle myself. I’ll tell you more later lol


After he finished his convo I asked if he wanted to shoot really quick. Without hesitation, he said sure and ran for a some quick detail and a microfiber. Honestly, It was pretty clean since an issue kept the car off the track all day, and with the sun set almost over 20 min was all I really had. I started to get antsy because he cleaned everything. I think he wiped the whole car down.

Instead of stopping him I took photos instead. I could tell how proud he was of his car and he seemed really enthusiastic over the fact that I wanted to shoot it, which was a great feeling. I knew I had to make sure this set turned out good. This car is honestly kind-of special to me because I got to drive it. Short lived as my slow entry accompanied by a heavy clutch-kick sent the axle out. Drifting under powered cars you have to beat em hard to keep a slide vs having more than enough power and torque to simply lay in the throttle to initiate a slide. I def learned a lot that day. Funny thing is, I did the same to Joels car earlier after one successful lap. The DriftHQ guys are seriously a special group for being cool about it and I’m so thankful for having the opportunity to drive both cars. I’m still waiting on the axle bill. lmk! lol

After clean up, I got the car situated and went at it. The sunset was over at this point and only the lingering colors in the sky remained. So I only had a few minutes left before it would be too dark to create a quality set. During the shoot I also found out it was his birthday, I felt even more inclined to create a quality set.

The car has been through some major changes since the last time I saw it. Now sponsored by DriftHQ it was only fitting to ditch the red paint for the signature metallic green. Designed by SwayGear and applied by Vibrant Vinyl Works the refreshed livery is definitely an eye catcher. A rear-mount radiator setup was also added along with other chassis upgrades, like the rear tubular frame. Some fresh shoes from Cosmis Racing completes the setup. To spin the new wheels boost was added with a Procharger and the peeps over a Fasterproms shop tuned this beast up to 700+ hp. They definitely should keep me far away from this car now. Knowing my luck with all that power I’ll send the rear-end into oblivion. I’m kidding, I’m just still beating myself up over it because I feel like I wasted and rare opportunity. Luckily Sikky Manufacturing came in clutch with a deal and is setting them up with a fully capable rear end. A Winters diff, dss axles and a completely new subframe and bushings to hold it all. Maybe the ultimate test would be a RichardHughes clutch kick lmao.

I’ve never been in a position to have a pro car at my disposal, so it was a pretty cool shoot. I’ve wanted to shoot all the DriftHQ cars since they’ve been so good to me but being 2+hrs away means it’s going to take some time, luckily I was able to start here. I have nothing but the best wishes for Alex and the team as they prepare to attack Formula D. Alex is a great driver so as long as the car does what is required, I have no doubt that plenty of wins are in the near future. Hopefully, I’ll be able to catch some of the action myself.

Until then, you’ll have to keep your eyes peeled for the next one. The drift day set will be going up and Tuner Evo is a week and a half away so I’ll try to have something post worthy from that weekend also. I’ll have the E30 with me again and its 4/20 weekend, in Miami; should be good.

Big shouts to DriftHQ for all the love and support and for adding so much to the Florida drift community. I have yet to be disappointed by their events and all the cars in the line up are sick. I think Joels is still my favorite, it felt extremely natural behind the wheel and you know I’ve grown fond of all motor BMW’s.

Thanks for reading, I’ll catch you on flip side. Oh, theres also a few more shots below….peace.

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